Vicissitude: Bipolar Disorder and its ups and downs

This is a diary of present and the past by a man who being Bipolar is just part of his life Each post is in two parts first is everyday diary and second is a kind of continuous diary of my past


Being Bipolar is just part of my life.

Monday, February 26, 2007


For some people who are bipolar (like myself three years back) taking meds is in their view 1- admitting to others that they are (as people think) mentally ill and have to live with it through their entire life. 2- Have to accept all the side effects meds have especially in high dosage. 2- are treated by others differently and pitied especially by close relatives. And those are very heavy on their shoulders, believe me.
I do myself take meds but small dosage and in limited period and with the help of my doctor and when it is needed to help me overcome uncontrollable situations.
Stopping the meds is not a good thing at the initial stages and I do not recommend that at all. And one has to learn how to recognize critical situations with the help of a doctor before limiting them.
There are positive sides to being a bipolar and I know THERE ARE. It is not only a subject of giving false hopes.There are many aspects and factors which have to be put forward but I talk about them depending the feedbacks by the readers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of the most successful, creative people ever to walk the earth have been victims of Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar is not who you are, but an illness that you have. With a balanced routine of sleep, exercise, medication, supplements and a great support network of trusted doctors, family and friends, you can live a very productive and normal life. I have managed for 2 years now. Wishing you wellness and balance. Marianne

February 28, 2007 9:08 AM  
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